Social and health sector

A thesis and an outline on Critically evaluate evidence obtained from a range of sources demonstrating how it can inform practice. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. In Wales, the National Health Services (NHS) holds the mandate of providing a functional framework that guides the entire social and health sector address the health needs of all the different groups. NHS also sets the required standards of health care that the people of Wales should enjoy (National Service Frameworks, 2012:1). The organization came into place in order to address the issue of inconsistency that had prevailed concerning the availability of and access to healthy care. Therefore, the organization has the special mandate of ensuring that a level of consistency does exist. In order to make its goals a success, the body sets up assessment measures of determining the rate at which the departments and organizations involved meet their goals. Moreover, NHS has multiple programs that foster implementation of its goals. Upon defining the desired health standards, it becomes easy for the body to recognize and address the issues that arise (Pierson, 2011:243). However, despite its efforts, the organization lacks the capacity of handling all the health issues of the people of Wales (Pierson, & Thomas, 2010:185). The government of Welsh government has monitors and regulates the care delivery systems to its people (Welsh Government, ‘Bill’, 2012:20). It does this by designing policies, setting of standards, and inspection of service delivery programs and provision of funding to the local authorities. An independent committee looks into the delivery of social services in Wales and presents reports on the areas that need improvement (Independent Commission, 2010:8).According to recent statistics, a third of people in Wales live with a permanent condition reducing the quality of life that they lead. Moreover, a fifth of the entire population had disability issues in 2010 and the prevalence keeps increasing. Other researches indicated that the chances of disability increased with age.

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