Social issues

by | Jan 8, 2022 | Assignment

Assignment: Social Issues Knowledge K1.  Identify basic theories, concepts and models from a range of social and behavioral science. K2.  Describe how the social context can affect individual behavior, and how individual behavior can affect the social context. Skill S1.  Apply concepts, principles, and methods of scientific inquiry used by social scientists S2.   Analyze relevant issues utilizing concepts and evidence from the social behavioral sciences.

Competence Autonomy & Responsibility C1. Think critically and creatively, analyzing and synthesizing information to solve problems complex issues and make informed decisions. Self-DevelopmentC2. Broaden awareness and involvement as a part of a global community.

Role in Context C3. Adapt a global perspective in the evaluation of the community of human needs and the different ways in which these needs are addressed. A social issue (also called a social problem, social conflict, or social illness) refers to an issue that influences a considerable number of individuals within a society.

TOPICS: School Dropouts Smoking Divorce Road Accident Alcohol Unemployment

Task: Select one topic and conduct a perception survey with minimum 5 respondents. Present your assignment in conjunction with the checklist below:


Step 1. Define survey objectives and target group Define the objectives, Define target group(s)

Step 2. Draft survey questions Draft simple and clear questions• Keep the questionnaire short to maximize response rate and concentration

Step 3. Pilot and re-adjusting the questionnaire

Step 4. Select respondents and the data collection method. Select a sample either by random sampling or other methods. Choose the data collection method: personal interviews, telephone interviews, Internet surveys, email surveys, etc.

Step 5. Run the survey Ensure high response-rate through follow-up emails otherwise conclusions to the survey could be biased• Use trained interviewers to avoid unintentional influence on responses

Step 6. Analyze the results Interpret results as perceptions rather than facts. Attach documentation regarding Steps 1-6 to results and interpret results in combination with other data sources

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