Social Networking Project

by | Jan 16, 2021 | College (3-4), Communication

JOUR 3310 – Social Networking Project

You will analyze avatar and/or social networking from a nation or culture of your choosing. This needs to have an international scope. You will be comparing and contrasting these findings with the typical networking aesthetics of US sites. You will be turning in screenshots of the sites under study and a 3-5 page essay.

1. Please select a nation for study. If you prefer a different approach than this, please see me.
2. Select distinct sites to analyze. This may require joining or signing up. (I would suggest researching the top sites)
3. Navigate within the site(s) in order to get a feel for the networking and aesthetic aspects.
4. Take screenshots during your experiences on these sites. Then, your essay will discuss similarities, difference, and other nuances of these sites.

You should have at least “2” original (found by you) scholarly sources, cited properly, in this essay.
− This is double spaced and 12pt Times New Roman.
− Provide commentary on the visual and network aesthetics of social networking sites.
− How do users interact and interface using the sites themselves?
− Provide insight on motivations listed in textbook (4.2 Motivations for Production of Identity, pg. 70). Additional examples include marketing, education, training, relationships (friend, romantic), geography (culture, language).
− Relate this project to textbook terminology used throughout lecture.
− Using specific examples of Communities, Groups, Fan pages, etc when making any specific points. Use screenshots to illustrate these points.
− Use textbook and essays from this course where relevant, citing the content, in addition to the “2” scholarly sources originally mentioned.

Tips for Essay:

– Please avoid first person in your essay.

– Adhere to the essay page minimum (screenshots and reference page don’t count). APA style is fine.

– Required scholarly sources and should be cited properly on a reference page.

– Times New Roman, double-spaced, and 12pt is appropriate for the essay.

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