Song/poem analysis

Having read the novel of your choice from the reading list, select one of the following assignments to prepare your oral presentation.1. Find a song and a poem, one of each, or several songs and poems that relate to the theme or subject of your novel!

Write out the text/lyrics and then explain how it or they relate to your novel. You can also choose to write your own poem and song and explain them.

2. Compose the front page of a fictional newspaper that would present the major character(s)and the important events of the novel you read. You must include photographs, advertisements, related headlines, etc.

3. Draw a map of locations where the story takes place and label all of the important sites. Ona separate sheet of paper, explain how the places were used in the novel.

4. Find a movie that deals with a similar theme or subject and prepare a review of it explaining why it is like your novels. Write a letter to the major character of the novel. You may choose to write the letter yourself, or select a minor character from the novel as the writer. ln the letter, reflect on the choices and attitudes of the major character.

Your presentation must be in written form; however, this being an oral assignment, you will have ta speak rather than read. The presentation is to last a maximum of 8 minutes.

Marks will be allotted for the following: vocabulary, organization of material, smoothness of presentation, originality, coherence, conciseness, thoroughness. Your sheets will be collected after the presentation.

The novel I chose is “Ester Waters” from George Moore (Oxford World’s Classics). It is edited with an Introduction and Notes by David Skilton

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