Southwest Airlines

by | May 13, 2021 | College (3-4)

This assignment will be dealing with Southwest Airlines. It requires you to demonstrate your level of understanding of Integration across the Integrated Core (Marketing, Finance, Management and Operations)

Below you will find 2 Weaknesses and 2 Threat statements from a Southwest Airlines SWOT analysis. Following the statements are questions that you need to answer to demonstrate your understanding of the implications that elements of a SWOT Analysis could have across the 4 disciplines of the Integrated Core. 

Read the Weakness and Threats statements carefully then proceed to answer the questions noted below: 
Southwest Airlines SWOT Analysis – Weaknesses
-SWA only caters to the Budget Traveler.
-Negative comments about SWA on Social Media due to overbooking of flights 

Southwest Airlines SWOT Analysis – Threats
-Other airlines trying to imitate SWA strategies.
-A possible decrease in business travel demand due to technology.

1). Assume you are the Vice President of Southwest Airlines, select 1 Weakness and 1 Threat from the SWOT Analysis statements above and explain how you would recommend taking that selected weakness and turning it into a strength and the selected threat and turning it into an opportunity. 

2). Next provide 2 explanations as follows:
a. Explain how the weakness turned into a new strength would impact the disciplines of Marketing, Finance, Management and Operations.
b. Explain how the threat turned into a new opportunity would impact the disciplines of Marketing, Finance, Management and Operations.

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