Write a 1 page paper on issues concerning spanking. She is careful to point out that spanking should never be abusive or over the top but should be used as a corrective and in moderation. She also argues effectively than other methods of discipline are rarely as effective as a spanking. The aim of it is not to hurt anyone, but to indicate to the child that they are doing something bad. The speaker draws on science and hard evidence to make her point, quoting a doctor from California, who says that there is nothing bad about spanking. This is a useful method of backing up a point: appealing to an outside authority who is an expert in the subject. This is a smart and persuasive move on the part of the speaker. While the delivery of the speech is a bit wooden, the argument is well laid-out and convincing. It would have been more persuasive if the speaker had made more eye contact or shown more emotion. Sometimes she stumbled on words. However, she didn’t appear to be nervous and that was a positive and persuasive thing.

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