Speed of the blocks

1.A 20 kg block fitted with Velcro at its end is moving to the right at 3 m/s. It collides with and sticks to a second block (m = 100 kg) moving to the right at 1 m/s that also has Velcro at the point of collision. Determine the speed of the blocks after the stick together.a. 1.0 m/sb. 2.0 m/s c. 1.3 m/s d. 1.5 m/s e. 1.8 m/s 2.One of the physical quantities shown below is a scalar that is always positive. Which one is it? a. Kinetic Energy b. Power c. Work d. Angular Momentum e. Translational Momentum 3.A simple block/spring system is in SHM with a period of 4.0 seconds. If the mass of the system was quadrupled, how will the period be affected? It will now be…a. 2.0 seconds b. 4.0 seconds c. 8.0 seconds d. 16.0 secondse. 32.0 seconds4.For the system described in question #3, which of the following true?a. K = U at every position b. K and U are constants c. U is at maximum when x = 0 d. K is at maximum when x = 0 e. K is at maximum when x = xmax

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