State Codes vs. IDEIA – Special Education

Compare and contrast the New Jersey Administrative Code for Special Education with the Illinois Administrative Code for Special Education, and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA) both of these state codes are attached. Focus on the provisions in the legislation that are most pertinent to the quotidian of the school psychologist, such as make up of the multidisciplinary team(NJ is the only state that has a Learning Disability teacher consultant also known as LDTC) compliance timelines, eligibility criteria, program requirements, etc.

IDEA act information can be found on their website and in the third attached item.

Grading criteria:
• The paper clearly shows the correspondence between the legal requirements from the states to the federal level
• The discussion flows in an organized and coherent manner
• Paper does not contain grammatical issues or typos and follows APA format
• Presentation of the paper in class is succinct, clear, and thorough

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