Statistics test

A study on adolescents were given counseling at the beginning of the school year to see if it had a positive impact on their tolerance for other adolescents who were ethnically different from them.  Assessments were made right before the treatment and then 6 months later. Literally, the data are collect before treatment and after treatment. The outcome variable is scored on an attitude-toward-others test with possible scores ranging from 0 to 50; the higher the score, the more tolerance. Use SPSS to complete the analysis.

1.1) [1pt] What is an appropriate statistics test for the analysis?

1.2) [2pts] State the null hypothesis and alternatives hypothesis. 

1.3) [2pts] Show the SPSS output including the mean score of before and after treatment. 

1.4) [2pts] Make a conclusion based on the SPSS output whether i) reject H0  (statistically significant) or fail to reject H0 and why?ii) there is difference in the mean score of before and after the program…….

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