Steps in the research process

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic steps in the research process. This involves the identification of the topic of interest to be researched throughout the study. The research problems should be refined based on the purpose of research and should be defined in a detailed manner. Similarly, an adequately defined topic or problem allows an appropriate direction when conducting the investigation, and aids in utilizing the available resources for effective research.

This aims at an intensive understanding of the issue or topic and helps to identify and state certain goals and objectives of the study. Research goals should be detailed, and specific enough to guide the research process.

This is a statement anchored on certain presumptions concerning the existence of a linkage amidst some variables that can be investigated via empirical data. When developing a research hypothesis, the researcher attempts to assume a solution for certain questions and test its validity. Hypothesis formulation enables a researcher to create some presumptions and, therefore, ensure all fundamental research aspects are addressed in the study design.

This is the actual research basis that gives certain information concerning the process of research. The study is designed in terms of the formulated objectives during the starting stages of research. The design entails all information about the study, for instance, sources of information, time, and budget allocated for the research process, appropriate techniques, measurements, and the process of sampling.

The sampling process utilizes a small group, number, or portion of the item or population to generalize about the entire population. A sample, which is a portion of the entire study population, should have similar attributes to the wider population. In addition, a sample result reflects the attributes of the wider study population. Some researchers use probability techniques while others use non-probability methods depending on research requirements.

Data is gathered from the sample units, and diverse data gathering approaches are employed. For instance, the use of questionnaires, participant observation methods, subject interviews, FGD, and study surveys.

Data analysis This involves data interpretation of collected data using various analytical techniques based on the needs of the management. .

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