Strategy employed by chase

Prepare and submit a paper on the strategy employed by chase in developing tyrrell crisp business. The acknowledgment of Mr. Chase that consumer is ready to pay more for traditional products because of the exceptional ingredient is a concept that can be noted in Ansoff’s model of strategic growth. His packaging which was meant for the locals and therefore designed to suit their needs was equally of importance. This goes along with the Ansoff’s model such that the redesigning of the packaging shows that or aims at the existing customers in a new market. This eventually reflects the qualities of Ansoff’s model of new products being sold in the existing market and new products sold in new markets. In this regards the concept of market penetration is crucial. This is a strategy Chase uses to penetrate the market a market that is apparently not saturated. He does this by attracting new customers for the product and ensuring that the existing ones are adequately furnished by the product and are satisfied. Mr. Chase attains this by aggressively doing the marketing for the product and selling it directly to the consumers cutting off the link of the distributors who he considers not enthusiastic. In terms of market penetration, Chase uses the strategy to ensure that he makes his sales to the stores. It is to this effect that it can be deducted that distributors if not well managed or well laid out can lead to the detriment of the company rather than the flourishing of the company. Another concept that Mr. Chase uses which is a concept in Ansoff’s model is that of diversification. He intends to diversify into other products including cereal bars, biscuits, and muesli. Diversification enables the company not to rely heavily on one product. This enables the company to easily overcome any disaster which may be associated with a single product. In this sense diversification according to this model involves the introduction of new products. For long term survival of a company, diversification is essential since reliance on one product can lead to uncertainty of the company’s future. The behavior approach was researched on in the 1940s since the researchers wanted to find out the source of effective leadership. They considered behaviors of individuals since there was a belief that behaviors could be observed in an objective manner and measured (Allen: 1997). They equally believed that behaviors could be measured. In this regards, a researcher Kurt Lewin 1938 gave information that led to the basis of behavior approach of leadership. In this, he identified a range of leadership behaviors including democratic style, autocratic style, and laissez-faire style. However, there is no particular style that has been identified as the most effective in leadership and thus many managers and leaders use a mixer of this styles where appropriate or where the styles suite them. By reflecting the mode of leadership manifested by Chase it shows that Mr. Chase uses various types of leadership skills to ensure that his company’s products reach various destined locations. This approach, therefore, enabled the company to penetrate the Market. The behavior approach of leadership has the views in relation to motivation and can be categorized into two views known as theory X and theory Y.

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