Strengths and weaknesses of labour process theory

Compose a 250 words essay on Critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of labour process theory for our understanding of the impact of information and communication technologies in the workplace. In this regard, the workers will lack an opportunity to develop and build on their talents. It is important to note that the adoption of LPT leads to the compromised output to the work done. The affinity of the machines to making mistakes is higher than that of human skills. LPT limits the aspects of innovation in that discoveries are hard to be deduced by the use of machines as opposed to the use of skilled work force (Price & McConney, 2012).Conversely, LPT fosters management control in that by using the ICT, the management system of the organization enables the management of the organization network and monitors all transactions done by the respective employees. LPT enables the use of various softwares such as the use of the Transaction processing systems among others. Data mining and cloud computing enables the activities of the organization to be managed from one central point. This is beneficial to the organization in that it is able to monitor the trend and performance of its employees (Downard 2009).Price, A, Mansfield, C, & McConney, A 2012, Considering ‘teacher resilience’ from critical discourse and labour process theory perspectives, British Journal Of Sociology Of Education, 33, 1, pp. 81-95.Pushenko, SL 2013, Risk-management and its integration to the system of labor safety management. (Russian), Vestnik Volgogradskogo Gosudarstvennogo Arhitekturno-Stroitelnogo Universiteta. Seriya: Stroitelstvo I Arhitektura, 34, 53, pp.

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