Stress From Life Events

Write a 2 page essay on Stress From Life Events.These habits are what majorly lead to some of the illnesses associated with stress for example smoking as a habit leading to lung or throat cancers.With the current stress rating levels, one would require significant social support as a way of coping with the stress. Without this, it is possible for an individual to have constantly negative thoughts about the problems they are facing or pains they are undergoing. The thoughts on the long run develop such problems as headaches and or extreme migraines.A total count reading of 451 from Rahe’s assessment would probably indicate chronic stress. From scientific studies, chronic stress results in a boost in the catecholamine and suppressor T cells levels that lead to the lowering of the immune system. With a suppressed immune system, the body system is vulnerable to opportunistic infections such as viral and bacterial attacks. With these attacks probability of getting ill is substantially high.Development of ulcers is one of the few indicators that an individual is undergoing stress. Stress alters the concentration levels of the acids in the gut leading to peptic ulcers. This is possible as stress changes the way one’s body functions. Stress that usually affects the brain has its effects felt directly in the stomach as the brain, and the stomach are linked via exchange of chemicals and messages in the brain-gut- axis. With ulcers, uptake of food is usually hampered lowering the immune system of the body got from the foods.Being an asthmatic breathing difficulties are likely to be met. However, these can easily be checked if appropriate medical guidelines are followed. Stress causes the release of histamine in the blood among other chemicals. Histamine leads to allergic symptoms and it gets worse with high levels of histamine in the bloodstream. In asthmatics, it causes broncho- constriction, making breathing impossible. An asthmatic attack is thus probable.When having stress, the body ensures sugars are

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