Student Introduction Assignment

by | Dec 17, 2020 | College (1-2), Cybersecurity

Welcome to CIS 1010, Foundations of Cybersecurity
Students in the same course often have a wide variety of knowledge, experiences, and technical backgrounds. So, in order for me to adapt the learning materials for this course, I am interested in knowing what you know and have been exposed to regarding technical tools and knowledge of cybersecurity and its related topics.

Please use APA 6th edition guidelines to format your papers for all assignments completed throughout the term. If you have not used APA standards in the past, make sure to familiarize yourself, there are many helpful resources available online. For those of you who are able to come to the main campus on McNichols, we have an excellent Student Writing Center, located on the main floor in the Briggs building, that provides excellent tutoring. Make sure to carefully proof your work before submitting.

Please submit electronic files using the MS Word format (do not submit. PDF files) and use the following file naming convention:
When completed, please upload your MS Word file to the assignment area link on Blackboard.

Part 1:

Please complete the following:
• Full Name
• Biography
• Program of study
• Expected graduation date
• Courses successfully completed
• Courses remaining
• Work experience related to the discipline of cybersecurity
• Technical job experience (if any)
• Research experience

Part 2:
On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest, what level would you characterize your familiarity with
the following? Next to each item, provide a brief summary of your experience (brands you’ve
worked with, i.e., Cisco, Palo Alto, etc.;, tools;, systems; technical experience, etc.):
• Computer networking (routers, switches, IP addressing, protocols, OSI layers, firewalls,
application servers, webservers, terminating cabling, etc.)
• Database modeling & administration
• System Administration
• Software development, languages such as Python
• Linus operating system

CIS 1010, Foundations of Cybersecurity
Student Introduction Assignment

• MS Windows
• Apple Mac OS
• Oracle VirtualBox
• Cryptography, public key infrastructure
• Intrusion Detection systems
• Risk Management (threat modeling, penetration testing)
• Security Controls, countermeasures
• Incident analysis and handling
• Digital forensics
• Disaster recovery & business continuity
• Hacker tools
• Continuous monitoring, log files
• Packet sniffer tools such as Wireshark

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