Style of reasoning

1. Choose a word from the following list that best describes the style of reasoning.  “Business leaders need to pay attention to the messages they send and the incentieves they create because these are critical to shaping the character and behavior patterns of the staff.a) deontological b) strategic c) utilitarian d) virtue2.  Corporations ought to adopt environmentally conscious “green” policies because those policies lead to both long-run cost savings for the firm and increased consumer loyalty.a) deontological b) strategic c) utilitarian d) virtue3. Employees ought to be provided due process rights at work, not because doing so will decrease turnover costs (which it might), but because employees deserve it as a matter of simple fairness.a) deontological b) strategic c) utilitarian d) virtue4.  Tax cuts on investment earnings not only provide immediate benefits to the most affluent but also are a good idea because they are an effective means for creating an expanding economy and more jobs.a) deontological b) strategic c) utilitarian d) virtue5. Two primary elements in marketing strategy are:a) buyers and customers b) products and packaging c) positioning and branding d) products and markets e) advertising and promotion6. A diagnostic company is interested in performing market research concerning the launch of a new diagnostic kit.  What approach to market research would be approporiate to begin the analysis? Remember that multiple approaches bring value to market research, which would you use to be begin the research?a) interviewing company executives b) informal surveys of the target demographic c) focus groups involving the target demographic d) informal surveys of company executives

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