Subcultures and countercultures

The group boasts of its norms, values, and beliefs. Counterculture refers to a subculture that entirely ignores the norms and values of the society and creates its own. They tend to make a statement against what the majority view as the model and try to change it. Whereas subculture defines itself by some differences from the dominant culture, counterculture defines itself by its active resistance to the main culture. The researcher states that subculture can be easily assimilated into the ordinary while counterculture cannot be assimilated. Counterculture has an interest in changing ordinary practices and structures that exist. Both the subculture and counterculture express discontent with society in some ways.&nbsp.The two groups are cultural reactions to power although counterculture is more reactive than a subculture. Subcultures and countercultures help to bring variety in a society, and a feeling of distinctiveness and being part of a faction that strives for a particular course. The author has rightly presented that members of the two groups are allowed to air their views and determine the way forward for the groups. The membership of these groups gives the identity since it gives an opportunity to do what you enjoy doing.&nbsp.

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