Successful E-Commerce Design

by | Jan 11, 2021 | Business Studies, Case Study, College (1-2)

Visit several e-commerce sites, not including the ones mentioned in the textbook. Evaluate the effectiveness of the sites according to the eight criteria/functionalities listed below. Choose one site you feel does an excellent job on all the aspects of an effective site and write a paper explaining your choice. Include screenshots to help make your case.

The Eight Most Important Factors in Successful E-Commerce Design

Functionality – Pages that work, load quickly and point the consumer toward product offerings
Informational – Links that customers can easily find to discover more about the company and their products/services
Ease of Use – Simply foolproof navigation
Redundant Navigation – Different ways to get to the same content
Ease of Purchase – One or two clicks to buy
Multi-Browser Functionality – Works on different devices including mobile
Simple Graphics – Avoids distracting, obnoxious graphics and sounds that the user can’t control.
Legible Text – No backgrounds that make it hard to read, good clear text, but not text heavy. Text is broken up by headers, paragraphs, and white space.

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