Sustainability of Tinaroo Dam Qld Barramundi

Project report assessment piece BX2123
Project report for sustainability of Tinaroo Dam Qld Barramundi

  1. General background
    (include the following: summarize the key points of your below work)
  2. Economic background of sustainable barramundi stock in Tinaroo Dam Qld
    (include the following: describe the stock and the potential problem of overfishing – research online the amount of barramundi and related information in Tinarroo Dam e.g., lifecycle)
  3. Economic model
    3.1. Optimal harvest rate
    (include the following: calculate the optimal harvest rate – consider in your calculations the growth rate (consider carrying capacity and estimate a logistic or linear growth rate model) and justify an appropriate rate of return and price per kg of the fish).
    3.2. Policy instrument
    (include the following: propose a government subsidy or a transferable quota system (research where a similar dam fishery has been sustained using subsidy or quota policy)
  4. Analysis
    Discuss the limitation of your estimate – what hasn’t been factored into the optimal harvest rate calculations – is your calculated rate too soon or too delayed? Discuss how effective you think the policy response will be – will it likely work? – how could it fail?
    4.1. Cost effectiveness of policy – Is your policy cost-effective? What implications does your policies have on current and future generations compared with no policy being created?
    4.2. Assumptions underlying model and policy instrument -such as restrictions when fish are caught (breeding ), regulating size per fish and limiting quota of fish caught
    4.3. Equitable policy (distributional effect)
    4.4. Policy impact on innovation, effort to administer, monitor and enforce
    4.5. Policy side-effects
    4.6. Political and moral issues affecting the policy
  5. Conclusion
    Summarize your findings (above) and suggest future work

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