SWOT Analysis – Mini Cooper

by | Jan 30, 2021 | College (3-4), Marketing

1. Customer are the current customer/User for a Mini Cooper?
Include information relato demographics, Psychographics, and buy behavior, Price Sensitive, customer satisfaction and loyalty:
(Insert response) Write 3-4 Sentences
2. What do the customer buy/Use of value from the business:
(Insert response) Write 3-4 Sentences
3. What changes can the company/brand expect in the future? How can the company/brand better serve its customer:
(Insert response) Write 3-4 Sentences
4. Opportunities (Make sure you label why you call each item an opportunity
1. (Insert response ) Write 3 Sentences
2. (Insert response ) Write 3 Sentences
3. (Insert response ) Write 3 Sentences

4. Threats: (Make sure you label why you call each item a threat:
1. (Insert response) Write 3 sentences
2. (Insert response) Write 3 sentences
3. (Insert response) Write 3 sentences

5. Competitors: Who are the main competitors? Label and discuss the top three competitors and why you consider them a competitor.
Competitor #1
Competitor #2
Competitor #3

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