1. Discuss the “shift toward service industry” and give 3 examples of factors that affect this trend.
  2. Explain the concept of “absolute location” and elaborate on 3 characteristics of the “physical” elements presented with this concept.
  3. Why Europe will continue to be the leading international tourist destination in the future? Give at least 3 reasons for it.
  4. Explain why values change over a period of time? Who and what are the agents of change?
  5. Discuss the concepts of individualism and collectivism in the West and East. How does it relate to superior and subordinate relationships?
  6. Why collectivism discourages mobility, dynamism creativity and cross-fertilization of new ideas?
  7. What is the role of political ideology? Discuss one political ideology and explain 4 of its characteristics.
  8. What is a. “Political risk assessment”? b. Why travel companies should engage in it