Talent segmentation and development

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The purpose of your research project is to study and apply the concept of talent segmentation and development of critical talent to leverage the greatest return on the investment in employees. Simply put, we are looking to invest in the employee group or employee competency where we can expect the greatest return in support of our goals.

There are three steps to the project. In this assignment, you will complete Step One.

Steps Two and Three are described below to help your selection of the organization.

Step One: Identify an Organization
Identify an organization you know well enough to understand the following:

The mission and strategy of the organization
The products or services of the organization
The organization’s internal strengths and weaknesses
The external environment in which the organization operates (opportunities and threats)
Staffing in terms of employee categories or competencies
The deliverable for Step One is a short paper with a brief description of the organization including points one through five above.

Write the short paper in two to three pages in a Word document. Follow the APA style for writing, editing, and citation of sources.

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