Tartuffe was able to deceive Orgon

Write a 4 page essay on There are questions for an assigment that need to be answered in a one to two sentence form, some answers might need a little more i will put the question in the order instructions.(A2) Tartuffe was able to deceive Orgon was because of Orgons stubbornness and lack of common sense. Julian Taibi in his article states that “since Orgon blindly believes that Tartuffe can do no evil, he refuses to listen to the accusation and consequently turns on his own son, Damis. Orgon has become so obsessed with the notion of Tartuffe’s saintly piety that he kicks Damis out of his house – hardly an act that would come from a religious, or even a sane person,” (Taibi, 15). The reason why even today so many people become deceived by politicians or religious zealots and salespersons is because these tricksters know how to manipulate their audience , by adopting any appearance that they know will attract and please their audience (Abrams & Greenblatt 20-30).(A3) Yes Dorine is correct in calling Orgon mad, because he is irrationally obsessed with Tartuffe, seen from the way he continuously enquires about Tartuffes health while ignoring his own wifes ailments, trying to coerce Marianne into marrying Tartuffe, chiding Damis while consoling Tartuffe and asking him to “rise” against his son, and ignoring everyone elses warnings about Tartuffe. Indeed, “Orgon is almost trying to become a missionary figure in his obsession with Tartuffe, putting aside his own earthly cares in favor of what he perceives to be more spiritual matters: the person of Tartuffe himself,” (Taibi, 14).(A4) Since Moliere intended to reveal the hypocrisy of religious people, this line “You are becoming so heavenly minded, that you are no earthly good,” is particularly apt since it highlights how some religious zealots give the impression that they are constantly thinking about God and doing spiritual work and helping people, but when it comes to putting these plans into reality, these men do not do anything. they are of “no earthly good” since they do not help mankind as they say they would (Abrams & Greenblatt 30-40).(A5) I feel Moliere has tried to present the two

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