Teaching Strategies for Students

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Teaching Strategies for Students with Diverse Learning Needs. According to the research findings, it can, therefore, be said that Migration Flow Chart is complicated for early childhood class pupil to understand. Those with visual impairment will not be able to use this chart, as it requires one to have the clear vision to be able to see the chart. However, this chart will be useful to students with learning disabled and hearing impaired as they have visions and chart can be understood easily. Weather diagram- this is a diagram requires who uses his visions well. In creating a visual diagram like this, it is very important that exploration for the development of cognitive learning should be properly considered. In the process presentation the diagram, particular learning stages for young students shall be given attention to. hence assuming a better source of quality education and culture adaptation for the young ones to respond to. The early childhood classroom cannot use this, as they require a developed mind while the vision impaired cannot.

Concept Diagram- There are numerous benefits of using the diagram in the hearing impaired, learning disabled, behaviorally challenged, gifted and talented taking into consideration the evident fact that children from all walks of life need to develop visional capacities. This would undoubtedly be an excellent channel to transform their attitudes in the classroom and consequently improve learning. Computer Assisted Language Learning- this is used to teaching language and can only be used by gifted, talents, and language learners. It has huge potential for enhancing language learning, but a knowledge gap still exists.

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