Team Behavior

4.2 Discussion: Team Behavior

Getting Started

Issues such as power and politics (previous workshops) remind us that organizations are about relationships that develop for the purposes of achieving organizational goals. Use power well, and the organization can move forward well. Use power poorly, and the organization may flounder. In organizations, many individuals experience their primary relationships in teams and work units.

Have you ever been on a team that was successful? How did it feel? Did you accomplish all the goals? How was the team formed? What about being on a team that was not successful? Did you feel as if you were all alone and that each member was there to complete a specific task and not work together? Many aspects of team development and team trust exist. For this discussion, you will reflect on what has made your team experiences successful or unsuccessful.

Note: One of the later courses in the program focuses entirely on group and team processes. Thus, this assignment, within the context of organizational behavior, will give you an introduction to key themes that you will expand in the latter course.

Upon successful completion of this discussion, you will be able to:

· Explain positive team dynamics.


1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.

2. Read  Chapter 9(PDF document)  in the text An Introduction to Organization Behavior.

· Terms of Use: This work is licensed under a  Creative Commons(new tab)   by-nc-sa 3.0(new tab)  license. The original version can be found  here(new tab) .

1. Provide an initial post (250-300 words) by Day Four that addresses the following questions. Be sure to include at least two sources other than your assigned course materials to help inform your discussion posting and responses.

a. Briefly describe a team experience (positive or negative) that you have had in your career. What seemed to be the factors (think group dynamics, processes, goals, power, conflict, leadership, or other items you have studied so far in the course) that contributed to the team experience?

b. What are 1 – 2 key principles you might derive for leading teams well and creating positive, effective experiences for team members that, consequently, help the organization to achieve its goals?

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