Teamwork, Collboration, and Conflict Resolution

Write a 1 page essay on Teamwork, Collboration, and Conflict help achieve collaboration through communication, stability, research and evaluation, as well as resources, leadership, group development and participation to help achieve collaboration in the work place. Collaboration is a process of participation through which people, groups and organizations work together to achieve desired results. It is important that communication is clear and established through a process. Resources are important to use because of their accessibility and credibility to provide results of tools that have been tried before and succeeded or failed or in process through research and evaluation. Management needs to be able to provide leadership and direction to promote and facilitate the workplace in order to develop a sense of collaboration. It is important for those that are in managerial roles to help support team building through this process. Group development helps address important issues along the way. It is important for mangers to identify personality types and the different groups of people that work best together to get the job done. This will help managers in developing a communication system to help achieve the goals and objectives that are put in place. Employees feel connected in formal and informal communication through network and group development, this is important for employees in their personal and professional development.Management is a very high position and takes a lot of understanding within the department or group they are leading. A manager has to be bias and also be able to resolve any conflicts that their employees may have. Looking over conflicts that can happen in the work will consist of using the five factors that come into play. The most effect to me would be to calibrate the ideas that are coming up in the conflict. Put in writing what each employee has to say and make an evaluation on what the next step will be. Each employee has a say so in any type of change or goal that each department is trying to

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