Technology in Globalization

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Technology in Globalization

Read the following educational brief on technology and globalization: t Video: Global Network Films Media Group. (1997). Global Network. [Video File.] Films on Demand. Retrieved from:

Part 1 Read the following: Ndung’u, N. (2017).  Regulatory environment and technological innovation in Africa: Any tension? (Chapter 3). Foresight Africa 2017 Report. Brookings Institute.  Retrieved from: Share your thoughts and ideas on this week’s discussion forum prompts in a couple of paragraphs.

Be sure to cite any resources that you use in APA format.  Direct quotes should not be used in discussions. After reading through the report, address the following questions:

Why does the M-Pesa work so well in Kenya? Do you think that such a system could work in your country? Please state your reasons.

As mobile phones, Internet access, and tech hubs differ greatly throughout the African continent, how can these key pieces of technology be made not only more accessible to patrons, but more affordable?

How can Konza Technology City make a positive impact in Kenya? Are there any pitfalls in this tech city, in your opinion? How can regulating technology improve a society?

Part 2 First, carefully read this report from the Brookings Institute: West, D.M. (2015). What happens if robots take the jobs? The impact of emerging technologies on employment and public policy.  Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings. Retrieved from:

In your paper address the following questions:

Of the emerging technologies talked about in the report, which one do you believe has a high potential of taking over people’s jobs? Why do you think so?

Looking at the emerging technologies discussed in the report, which one do you believe has the lowest potential of taking over people’s jobs? What are your reasons?

How have some, or all of these emerging technologies impacted your life? These impacts can be positive, negative or both.

Please make sure your assignment is double-spaced using Times New Roman, 12-point font, and 1″ margins. Be sure to cite any references in APA Format. Each case paper will be assessed on the following:

  • All questions are answered
  • Strong examples, valid points, and ideas on the topic
  • At least two additional resources cited in APA format2-3 pages in length
  • Proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation

Part 3 Globalization and Technology

Given the readings, discussion, and your writing this week, consider the following:

Do you agree that technology and globalization increase the chance of inequality? If yes, state your reasons why. If no, also state your reasons why.

Take a minute to think about how technology and globalization have impacted your region. Write some reflections and share them.

The journal entry should be about a page in length.  If applicable, be sure to cite any resources you use to support your learning journal. Instructions:

Paragraph 1: Begin by defining what you mean by technology and globalization. You need to distinguish between the two terms and processes. While they are related, they are not equivalent. Define “inequality”. What type of inequality are you speaking of?

Paragraph 2: Discuss the positive effects of technology and globalization on inequality. Demonstrate and explain how technology and/or globalization lead to such effects.

Paragraph 3: Discuss the negative effects of technology and globalization on inequality. Demonstrate and explain to me how technology and/or globalization are responsible for such effects.

Paragraph 4: Compare and contrast if negative or positive effects are greater. You may and should make reference to your own region by using your own region as an example. Explain to me what happened to in your region and compare it to those effects.

Paragraph 5: Conclusion

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