Technology trends

Writean article on technology trends Paper must be at least 2000 words. Challenge for printed medium (the newspapers) and television news channels is immense and in order to retain their customer base, the need for adoption of suitable methods with the help of latest technologies is becoming the need of the hour. There has been found a noticeable change in the preferences of the customers as far as their choice of a particular medium of news delivery is concerned. To strive in today’s competitive world, it has become a challenge for the leading newspapers to make the news available to it customers as early as possible before its competitors grab the attention of the target audiences. To generate profits, some newspapers have adopted a scheme by which they make some news available for free and some content is marked as ‘premium content’ which can be accessed on payment of a considerable amount of fees. This strategy helps in building demand for the news within the audiences. Internet journalism has become the order of the day with audiences more interested in gaining information about different happenings across the world through leading newspaper websites rather than the printed newspaper(Group M.,, 2005). Web technologies have enabled these companies to gain feedback on the different news articles published on their websites. This helps the newspapers to understand whether any improvement has to be brought in the content or not. E-books have become a popular medium of gaining thorough in-depth knowledge about any topic which needs clarity. Topics can vary from something very theoretical to something very practical like the use of technologies in shaping the businesses of today’s organisations. E-books help audiences to surf easily through a wide range of books which might not be possible in reality. Audiences prefer e-books as they can have access to a wide range of subjects, storybooks, fiction books and technology-related books without purchasing them physically. Many websites like e-snips and offers a wide range of free e-books to be accessed by its audiences at large.

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