Telenursing in your future

Need an research paper on is telenursing in your future. Needs to be 4 pages. There are different issues, though, that are needed to be considered in the operation if a telenursing institution. In this paper, the main objective is to weigh the advantages and the disadvantages of telenursing on the perspective of a professional nurse and to determine if such a development in the provision of medical care would have a real future.There are different issues related to telenursing that are needed to be considered in order to analyze the feasibility and efficiency of its application. Based on most references, issues such as those related to the legal, ethical and regulatory aspects of telenursing can be considered questionable (Kumar & Snooks, 2011). It does not mean not doable since there are different areas and countries that already tried the implementation of telenursing but these issues will remain attached to every process or step undertaken.As a nursing professional, it is a logical notion to question the effectiveness of telenursing on the basis of different reasons. One reason is the fact that even in the hands of the medical professionals not only the nurses but also to the doctors and specialists, the safety of the patients is not guaranteed, what more then when healthcare services are given through the internet or the telephone. Another issue is the availability of institutions that would provide the telenursing service. It can be considered that there are shortages in the medical service provision in terms of the number of nurses in all part of the world regardless of the economic condition.

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