Television ads for automobiles

We have all seen hundreds of television ads for automobiles that carry the message that we will find the man or woman of our dreams if we buy a particular car. Read the Brennan v. Bally Total Fitness case, file attached. Discuss the difference between the unconscionable contract that was ruled to be unenforceable in the Bally case, on the one hand, and a standard credit purchase contract for a $35,000 car that might be executed by a lonely night-shift employee at a Wendy’s on the other. Could the Wendy’s employee hope to avoid the obligations of contract on grounds that the ad was a misleading inducement to sign the contract? Explain.(Answer must be about a page or two)Case AnalysisThe two discussed cases are needed to be scrutinized precisely to reach at an appropriateconclusion, as the prior case of Brennan v. Bally became unenforceable because of its…

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