Tell Me Truth About Love

Submit a 3500 words essay on the topic O Tell Me Truth About Love: The Relationship between Truth-Telling and Romantic Lies in Audens Early Poetry.W.H. Auden’s earliest works exemplify and reflect the poet’s transition from truth-telling to romantic lies. Throughout his early works, Auden continuously emphasizes that truth is utopian but alive, it is disillusioning and good for nothing – as a result, romantic lies are the best possible medicine to the anarchy of truth in the conventional world. In his early years, truth was the central purpose and the ultimate goal of Auden’s poetic work: Auden sought to accomplish a complex mission but gradually realized the futility of his endeavors. Truth-telling is painful and stifling. The truth is useless and utopian. Auden’s early works, including O, Tell Me Truth About Love and Funeral Blues reflect the poet’s inner fight for his own self. Unfortunately, Auden surrenders to the forces of the surrounding reality in which he lives. He suffocates and suffers from the fact that he cannot unmask his inner self. His later works reflect and apply to romantic lies as a matter of living a painless life. Romantic lies in Auden’s poetry are an instrument of escaping the tragic truth. The truth is utopian, and those, to tell the truth, are destined to spend their lives in isolation. Auden tries to persuade the public that romantic lies are an effective medicine to the anarchy of meanings and norms in the society, to which he belongs. The truth lies dichotomy transcends his earliest poems and extends to cover his later writings. In the 20th century poetry, Auden reflects poets’ continuous fight for uniqueness and self-realization.

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