Terrorism Research Paper

by | May 27, 2021 | College (1-2), English

P1. Intro Paragraph
1a. interest(history) (straight forward)
1b. Thesis (central idea – Last Sentence)
1c. topic, approach, subdivisions

. Conclusion paragraph
1B. in conclusion…, to sum up…
2B. rephrase your main ideas and use synonyms
3B. can go back to subject voice
“however, in my opinion”…

Second paragraph: short bio of the authority, case study, topic sentence, transition, and conclude the paragraph

Third paragraph: history by century, topic sentence, transition, and conclude the paragraph

Research paper should have a total of 10 paragraphs with three paragraphs on each page. In each paragraph, there should also be proper citations with who said what, or the authors name in text. If it is a quote make sure to put the authors last name along with the page number of the quote.
You may use websites or books as sources.

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