Terrorist Organization Boko Haram

Submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Terrorist Organization Boko Haram. Despite the scope of Boko Haram’s terrorist operations which have risen fundamentally since 2009 and taken the lives of more than 5,000 people (Abrak and Brock, 2014). the true extent of the group’s affiliations with external parties and comparable organizations are yet to be certified. However, as noted by Egbeleke (2013), the group’s audacious attack on a United Nation’s compound in August of 2011 which claimed the lives of twenty-three individuals has reportedly led to the development of theories which indicate that the organization is possibly being aided by unknown external campaigns with anti-establishment aspirations and jihadist movements with similar aims. In a recent terrorist operation which has been launched by Boko Haram on 14th April 2014, the accepted the responsibility for kidnapping 300 Nigerian schoolgirls from a public school in the town of Chibok. The terrorist group’s actions in the given scenario are being highlighted as a consequence of the organization’s ideological foundation which essentially intends to purify Nigeria from ‘Westernization’ through the imposition of Sharia Law. Moreover, the examination of Boko Haram’s origination and the coining of the group’s name indicate the presence of a deep-seated hatred towards the acceptance of all such principles which are associated with the Western nations as the term reinforces the notion which declares the attainment of Western education as a wrongdoing or sinful activity (Egbeleke, 2013). Even though, Boko Haram’s operations in Nigeria have been a cause of grave and alarming concern for the nation’s government and agencies, the present conflict commands an international significance because the primary direct stakeholders, in this case, are the innocent schoolgirls who have been exposed to several negative factors as an outcome of this mass kidnapping.

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