-Marquis & Huston (Chapter 4) Ethical Issues

-The ANA Code of Ethics/ Link to ANA Code of Ethics Webpage


-Information resource at Nurse.com titled Ethics Committee 101/ Link to Ethics Committee 101


The following items should be addressed in your 5-7 page paper:

Identify the disciplines represented in an ethics committee. 
Describe who represents nursing on a committee and nursing’s position.
Identify the purpose of an ethics committee.
Explain who brings problems to an ethics committee.
Describe a problem brought to a committee. 
Describe an example of an ethical dilemma faced by an ethics committee.
Explain at least 4 ethical principles utilized by a committee. 
Explain the ANA Code of Ethics.
Be sure to cite and reference your M & H textbook, the ANA Code of Ethics, and the Ethics Committee 101 resource.