The attack on the world trade center

Create a 10 page essay paper that discusses The attack on the world trade center and the rise of islamic threats.Terrorism refers to the threatened application of force, violence or coercion against individuals, society or governments and their properties, in order to coerce or intimidate the society and the government, to achieve the ideological, religious or political objectives of the terrorist groups2. Despite the fact that the threat of terrorism is rising from the extremist views of the minority militant Islamic groups, most especially from the Middle East, South Asia and some parts of Africa, their threat is real, and it has hit the whole world. The most worrying aspect of Islamic terrorist threats is that they are not simply targeted to a given country, society or group, but to multiple targets, which are perceived to have a connection with their perceived enemy. Thus, it is never known when and where the terrorists will strike next.The attack on the world trade center, popularly known as the 9/11 attack is the most conspicuous terrorist occurrence in the world, considering that the terrorists targeted and hit the heart of the world’s superpower, to simply send a message that none of the societies or countries in the world is safe or immune from the threat of terrorism3. Despite the fact that there has been a reawakening of the world to the live fact that terrorism is real and is bound to cause more scare to the world than it could have been anticipated, the world has not been able to completely devise measures that could help to neutralize this threat effectively. Thus, the threat of terrorism continues to scare the world, especially for any society or country that is perceived to have a connection with the west, which is the greatest target of the militant Islamic terrorist groups4. The actions of these extremist Islamic militants have been pitched on the Muslim religion, with such terrorist groups claiming to be fighting a holy war against the societies that have not adhered to the requirements of their religion, which they hold as true and supreme. In this

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