The Audience and Theatre Criticism

Module 5: The Audience and Theatre Criticism (a.k.a. Production Review)

Chapter Questions

Read Chapter 11 “The Audience” (pages 299 to 308) in your textbook.

Choose only 5 of these questions to answer. Write your answers in your own words; if you choose to quote from the textbook, remember to identify the source.

Example: Despite many weeks of rehearsals, an actor is expected to “…‘live in the moment’ during…performance” (Cohen & Sherman, 2020, p. 5) as though this is the first time for the character to say these words and do these actions.

Question #



1 11 List the five perspectives to consider when reviewing a production.

2 11 Explain how “human significance” is part of theatre.

3 11 List questions that address “artistic quality.”

4 11 Explain how judgment is subjective.

5 11 How does history affect “theatrical expression”?6 11 How does “entertainment value” affect those in the audience?

7 11 What is the difference between professional criticism and newspaper reviews?

8 11 How can amateur reviewers share their opinions of a production? [HINT: Think digital!]

9 11 What makes an audience member an observant critic?

10 11 What makes an audience member a sensitive critic?

11 11 What makes an audience member an articulate critic?

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