The Camp David

Write 8 pages with APA style on The Camp David Accords between Israel and Egypt and the Arab states’ and the Palestinians’s Relation to It. The rest of this essay will discuss the reasons for Arab and Palestinian denouncement of the Accords and criticisms, if any, of the same. It is an open secret that the Israeli government is subordinate to orders from Washington D.C. Israel is heavily dependent on the United States for its military and diplomatic efforts. The United States too has strategic interests in the Middle East region, which is endowed with rich oil resources. Hence, most Arab states are suspicious of apparent acts of generosity and goodwill on part of Washington D.C. The Arabs see Camp David Accords as one episode in a century-long American preoccupation with gaining control of oil resources in the region. Consistent with this view of American motives, the consequences of Camp David Accords have not yielded the Palestinians any concessions. If losing Mount Sinai, with all its rich historical and religious associations, to Egypt was a major blow, the subsequent indifference to the legitimate grievances of Palestinians has only exposed Israeli-American agenda. For example, when we carefully review the document entitled “Minutes of Meeting at U. S. Department of State, Wednesday, October 21, 1992” (which could be accessed from the Library of Congress website), it becomes obvious from this document that all of the American diplomats involved in the so-called peace process view the Interim Agreement as an extension of American “imperial strategic vision” set by the Camp David Accords and Framework. So, the internal government records from Washington D.C. make it abundantly clear that the concerns and aspirations of Palestinians were not even a consideration for the Israeli-American ruling elite. Seen in this light we can understand why Camp David Accords were denounced by Palestinians and most Arab states (Khalidi, 2006). Indeed, if the Camp David Accords are seen in the context of American-Israeli interests, we can see why no substantial diplomatic maneuvers were made to fulfill the stated objective of reaching a Final Settlement for the Israel-Palestinian issue. Further, “The Camp David Accords called for an ‘interconnection’ between the Israeli-Egyptian Peace Treaty and a “Framework for Autonomy” for the Palestinians.&nbsp.

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