The case of Kitty Genovese

Instructions: Write a short essay on the following prompts, following proper structure.


Write a short essay (2-3 paragraphs) about the following prompts. Follow proper structure, use signposting, explain a quote, include citation and bibliography.

Paragraph 1. (Explain). Write one paragraph briefly explaining the case of Kitty Genovese.

Paragraph 2 (Assess) Give one or two reasons that people have for not doing what they think is ethical. Use a quote to support your argument. Do you think these are good reasons, or mere excuses? Why do you think people do unethical things? What can you do to ensure that you will do the right thing if you are in a similar situation?

Include citation and a bibliography.

(Professional writing tips:


*Structure: Remember to follow structure: Explain the scenario before you give your arguments, and write one topic Per paragraph. See: Professional Writing Skills: Structure In any essay you write, always EXPLAIN the argument or topic first, using supporting quotes. Assume your reader does not know the case of Kitty Genovese. Then, in a separate paragraph critique, apply, or assess.

*Structure: The first sentence of paragraphs should include signposting.

*Content: Aim at writing SUFFICIENTLY. Give details and specific examples. Avoid general statements.

*Mechanics: Write in formal style and check your grammar. Paragraphs are 3-6 sentences long. Read your paper out to catch awkward, incomplete, or run-on sentences.

*Citation: Cite in paragraphs as (author’s last name, year of publication, page numbers). See APA citation HELPSHEET.pdf

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