The changing role of women in American

by | Dec 17, 2020 | College (1-2), History, Term Paper

Discuss the changing role of women in American life up to the Civil War. How did it change from traditional roles women played in Africa, Europe, or amongst Native American culture.? How did the construction of the American way of life include or exclude women? What particular challenges did women face that men did not, and what were some of the methods they used to cope with them?

This formal paper of between 1,750 – 2,100 words will be arguing a position of your choosing from a list of topics I will provide. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate your mastery of the reading, so you must use your textbook as your primary resource. Papers using mostly outside sources or papers without any citations at all will receive a maximum grade of “D.” Citations must have page numbers to support your claims.

All formal written assignments are to be double-spaced in a 12- point font with one-inch margins. All citations must be made using either footnotes or in-text citations. No works-cited page will be necessary. To make a footnote, go to the “References” tab in Microsoft Word and click “Insert Footnote.”

1. All Papers must have a title

2. Define all important concepts and terms

3. Every paragraph should be 4 – 6 sentences

4. Every paragraph should answer Who What Where When? sometimes Why? and How?

5. Be specific, use proper nouns with names of people, places and things when possible

6. Avoid the use of they, she, or he until you’ve told me who you’re talking about.

7. Every sentence should be complete; no run-ons

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