The concept of trauma 

The concept of trauma encompasses many types of experiences, ranging from natural disasters to violence and war. What they have in common are the results produced in their victims’ extreme damage to their psychological functioning and well-being. For this Discussion, you focus on a types of trauma that are the result of witnessing or being subjected to atrocities. These are caused by other humans (as opposed to natural disasters) and may encompass war, individual violent or hate crimes, historical trauma (e.g., treatment of Native Americans), genocide, torture, enslavement or trafficking, racism, and ethnic/religious persecution.

For this Discussion, review the case study in the Weekly Resources. You meet with Pareth again and her mother, and now you return to their case to focus on another aspect, the trauma experienced by Mrs. Ling, Pareth’s mother, in Cambodia. You consider these experiences within the specific case of Mrs. Ling, as well as subsequent issues that other survivors of this horrific ordeal could be faced with after later immigration and how they could be addressed in culturally sensitive ways.

To Prepare:

Review the second part of the case study of Pareth and her mother in the Weekly Resources. Review the “Cambodian Culture” and the NOHS ethical standards. Consider what recommendations you could make to Mrs. Ling to help her overcome trauma, while respecting her cultural beliefs and biases. Your recommendations should be as an unlicensed school-based caseworker.

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