The Dilemma of Internet-Related Privacy

You will prepare and submit a term paper on The Dilemma of Internet-Related Privacy. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length. Ethical Matrix is a decision sport framework used for exploring the IT-related ethical issues within an organization. This ethical matrix has been applied to a large number of case studies. The ethical matrix has become a central focusing point of IT-related organizations for the last many years. In the ethical matrix, literature studies and theoretical analysis are combined with the engagement of stakeholders’ exercises. IT-related ethical issues emerge when users utilize Information Technology.Data protection involves a relationship between legal rights and technology. Privacy concerns emerge when identifiable unique data related to individuals is stored in a digital form. Sometimes, the issue is related to access to the information given to someone who is not authorized. Internet privacy does not only deals with information controlled but also keeps control over the individuals or organizations that can access the information (Feruza & Kim, 2007).This dilemma is growing more complex as Yu (2013) argues because the potential for privacy breaches has also increased. Hospitals using these electronic systems for handling the patients’ records have been alerted on the improper access of patients’ records.Within this dilemma, the moral principles of my concerns are autonomy, confidentiality and non-maleficence. Cohen et al., (2003) also stated that confidentiality was a vital component for building the trust between counselor and client. The principle of fidelity is threatened by the trust violation. In this dilemma of illegal access of the electronic records, confidentiality breach hinders the autonomy. Individuals involved in breaching confidentiality try to keep the secrecy of their acts. Law and order agency controlling cyber crimes find it difficult to locate the real people. However, ethically it is the duty of all of us to recognize the extent of such consequences.

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