The Diseases and Possible Epidemics

Provide a 1 page analysis while answering the following question: The Diseases and Possible Epidemics of the People in the City. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. From the research done, it has been found that the reasons for the increased rate of sickness are as follows. New manufacturing plant/factory towards the end of the city. Deforestation in order to make new apartments and malls. Formation of new roads being made in order to facilitate the transporters. The tar and coal used in it are causing pollution in the air. Doctors assumed that the water might have some impurities as well thus causing diseases among citizens. On getting results of the test on water (used by citizens) from the laboratory, it was observed that the water had some impurities. Some of the employees working at the plant/factory have had severe health conditions ever since they started working for the plant. From the kind of situation the city and its citizens are in, it is best to do the following. Check quality standards of the factory/plant. Check whether there are health and safety maintained at the factory/plant. See how the plant disposes of material. Investigate the reason behind impurities in water. Get the organization to become ISO certified. Look at the medical bills of the plant/factory. Deforestation needs to be stopped. All factories/plants that are harmful to the citizens need to be licensed. The local government should form a body which can go for a surprise inspection of organizations in order to see whether the plants/factories are adhering to the quality policies and the quality standards made by them. This proposal is given in order to facilitate the government in learning the state of the city and gives some possible solutions for the problem. Moreover, this proposal shows how for a certain problem work can be done by the government in order to make the state of the city better and by helping the citizens in leading a better and safe life.

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