The Effect Looks Have on the Life of a Girl/Woman

by | Mar 4, 2021 | Annotated Bibliography, English

Topic- The Effect Looks Have on the Life of a Girl/Woman
A. Looks Effect on Social Life
B. Looks Effect on Romantic Life
C. Looks Effect on Professional Life

1500 words
Documentation of 6-8 sources, all of which should be united by a central topic or focus
Annotations for these sources
Strict adherence to MLA format for documentation and citation
Annotations should primarily be a summary of the source, though students may choose to include minimal assessment and reflection. An annotation should be at least a paragraph of 7-8 sentences, and it may be longer.

For those of you who have never done an annotated bib before, it is a great way to keep your research and thoughts organized as you write your papers. You will need an entry for each source you plan to use. You will provide a full MLA-style entry for the source, just like you would on the works-cited page of your essay.

However, under each entry you will also include a one-paragraph summary of that source. In your summary you must discuss how the points of the author correspond to your own. You will use this entry to capture useful quotes or passages that you wish to include in your own essay. Do remember that the rules for quotes (they need to be introduced, in quotation marks, and have a parenthetical citation with page number) apply even in this bibliography. You may also explain how you plan to use this particular source in your essay. You may find that some entries are longer than others, which is fine. However, each of the entries should be at least one full paragraph and contain at least one properly incorporated direct quote.

You will include a second (likely shorter) paragraph that will explain how you think you will utilize the 1st-paragraph information in the actual essay. This bibliography will be submitted to Canvas. If done correctly, this bibliography will be an invaluable resource as you complete your research paper. However, you may certainly make changes if you need to before you compose your research paper draft. You may find as you begin writing that some sources are not as helpful; therefore, the sources on your actual works-cited page and those included in your annotated bibliography may vary.

The Basics:-6-8 source entries-Use appropriate MLA formatting (typed, 12-point font, double spaced)-Proper MLA style citations (this makes for an easy transition to your works-cited page). See The Owl at Purdue (online)

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