For the final project, ponder and explore the following question: how does language/speech define a group’s identity and how do groups experience this identity differently? Choose one group of people in any country around the world.
**I chose my topic to be specifically about Punjabi people due to the language difference between them and those in the rest of India and Pakistan. They have a unique situation because Punjab covers both a state in India, and a province in Pakistan, so instead of being identified by their country, they are recognized by their cultural tongue. Punjabi’s unique language results in them having a distinct identity and perspective.**

The introduction should contain a thesis statement.
The essay’s body paragraphs must be headed by CLEAR topic sentences that relate back to the thesis.
The conclusion paragraph is a brief summary of your findings; you may restate your thesis, but do not introduce new ideas in the conclusion.
You may use more than 3 sources but a MINIMUM of 3 SCHOLARLY sources must be used.

Here is one source you might be able to use dealing with Punjabi from a Journal article: