The Frankenstein Application

Argumentative essay on The Frankenstein Application Essay. Needs to be 1 pages. This paper discusses the influence of peer perception in regard to personal development. While it is one’s responsibility to set and reach their respective destinies, perceptions held by others towards a person can influence negatively or otherwise their cause of action.Peer perception plays a pivotal role in the decision-making of an individual, and at times, the decision made is simply a reaction to negative treatment by others. Telford claims that though it is possible for an individual to be well behaved and well-intended, consistent negative perceptions can change the person (p. 97). While the society cannot be entirely blamed for one’s behavior, it contributes to a certain proportion. Similarly, the monster in Frankenstein was fueled by the negative perception towards it but it is not appropriate to conclude that it had no responsibility.Every monster a society creates must be dealt with it, lest it be a source of endless grief. Victor dedicated his time in creating a monster that later made his life unbearable. According to Charnick when a society unknowingly or otherwise holds and demonstrates negative perception towards a person or a group of people, there is a tendency by the victimized individuals to seek ways to avenge (17). In many cases, the relations between the two factions deteriorate to the extent of each side seeking the destruction of the other.A case in the recent times is the negative treatment of people thought or known to be homosexual. While the Western countries have since accepted, many in the Asian and African countries have inhumane laws that threaten even to stone anyone proved to a homosexual. However, instead of this habit decreasing, Smith reported that in Uganda, for instance, men who practice homosexuality vowed to continue with their habits (p. 4). Victor created the monster but failed to own up. instead, he left and it ended up destroying everything and everyone he cared

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