The Great Gatsby

by | Jan 16, 2021 | History

  1. Explain how the movie “the great gatsby” relates to the progressive era, seizing and American empire, America and the Great War, and the reactionary 20’s. 
  2. Thesis: In four or five sentences attempt to explain the viewpoint of the filmmaker, his reasoning or way of thinking about the subject of the film
  3. Scope: In two or three sentences tell what this film is about. What is its topic? e.g. “This film looks at the various reasons the United States rebelled against the British.”
  4. Summary of Content: In approximately a page or so summarize the film.
  5. Evaluation: Write a paragraph of your opinion of this film Explain why you evaluate it as you do. BE CRITICAL. DID THE FILM MAKE SENSE TO YOU? DID IT ACCURATELY REFLECT HISTORY?
    The review should be approximately one thousand (1000) words long and utilize two additional sources, one of which should be your textbook (use the textbook to provide context for the period covered by the film and any direct discussion the text provides of the film topic) and an online source that describes the film and its accuracy or inaccuracy (start with Wikipedia but DO NOT USE IT AS A SOURCE) or any other information you think augments your paper. CITE ALL SOURCES APPROPRIATELY AND PROVIDE A PROPER WORKS CITED PAGE. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN A REJECTED PAPER.
    It is expected that each paper will conform to the conventional rules of writing, plagiarism, which is the unauthorized use of the ideas and /or writings of others, will not be tolerated. Consult current English textbooks for proper paper format. Consult with English tutors or English faculty about grammar, sentence structure, usage, etc.

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