The Iliad Essay

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Greek/Roman Humanities Class: 

The Greek Bronze Age (3000 — 1200 B.C.E.) and The Iliad
There are many themes, ideas, and topics that are of interest in the ILIAD. Some of them are apparent even in the limited reading that you have been assigned (5 of the 24 Books). For your discussion, choose one of the ideas that is meaningful to you and develop a thesis statement which you will then develop into an organized and intelligent and enlightening paper.
NEXT: Research the Bronze Age of the Greeks, using – the text (pages 77-86) -and 2 additional sources.
THEN: Relate your understanding of the ideas in the ILIAD to the historical context of the Bronze Age, and how The Iliad informs to your knowledge and understanding of the greeks during this period.
Some of the ideas that seem obvious are:

– women in the ILIAD

– fate in the ILIAD

– the role of the gods in the ILIAD (metaphorically and as catalysts) compare and contrast

– the role of the hero – the use of legends and myths funerals and rituals

– metaphor in the ILIAD – the role of power

– the development of the tragic hero

– cataloging and it purposes

– The ILIAD as history – 7977779

Your answer should be approximately 750 — 1000 words, double spaced, 12 pt font, and care should be taken in the mechanics of writing.

1.Tragic hero – define and explain – example from the Iliad -importance

2. epic hero – define and explain – examples from the Iliad – importance

3. C/C the two types of heroes ( items #1 and #2)

4. cataloguing • -define -examples – importance

5. role of the gods

6. role of women

7. the role of the warrior

8. the role of honor

9. the funeral ritual – what happened before the funeral – events – questions from the chapter in the study guide

10. C/C – Hector and Achilles – Priam and Agamemnon

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