The Iliad

Write 9 page essay on the topic The Iliad(the epic written by Homer) comparted to Troy(the movie staring Brad Pitt).As they set off to Troy, a feud between Agamemnon the King of Greece and Achilles one of the greatest Greek warriors plays out very significantly at the beginning in both the film and the poem and creates the epic hero (Troy). Achilles despised the king and, refuses join the war and fight the Trojans. The raging battle resulted in many deaths and casualties among the Greeks. However, Achilles is forced to change his mind and fight alongside the king of Greece when Patroclus is killed by Hector who is the mightiest among the Trojan warriors. This makes Achilles rage towards Agamemnon shifts towards the Trojans and joins in the war to avenge Patroclus (Homer, 42). However, a significant outstanding difference comes out between the film and the poem. The poem talks of Patroclus as Achilles’ friend whereas the film displays him as Achilles’ cousin. Nevertheless the similarity that comes out in both works is notably the same: strong, close, and loving. Patroclus, seeing that Achilles had refused to join the action could not stand around any longer as his fellowmen get slaughtered by the Trojans. He decides to join the action and begs Achilles to let him fight alongside his fellowmen (Troy). Achilles agrees to let him join in the war and gives him his own armor to use in the battlefield (Homer, 20).The epic and the film display perfectly the changes that occur from shifting one medium to another (in this case text to film) and the effects of these changes. Whereas the movie appears visually appealing to the eye, it fails in creating the depth and originality found in the original piece of work. There are several changes in the dialogue, plot changes, temporal and spatial variations, casting, and inclusion and exclusion of particular themes. Some of these aspects are good in that they help in the presentation of the epic to a modern day viewer. The sense of reality in the time the epic was written differs significantly from that of a

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