Students must submit one, well-written and well organized paragraph describing “The Importance of Organizational Behavior Theory to Managing Organizations”. The paragraph must be at least five sentences and no more than seven sentences. It must include a topic sentence, body of the paragraph and a sentence that closes the paragraph. It must be succinct (to the point) and use appropriate business and organizational behavior vocabulary. There is a grading rubric posted on Blackboard. Use this to guide your writing. This assignment appears to be short (and perhaps easy). It is short, however, you can do poorly on the assignment if you do not take your time and be very thoughtful about your work.3. Have your topic (opening) sentence relate directly to the title. 

4. Go back to the very beginning of the book for information about “type of” or “levels of behavior” This must be included in your paragraph, or it will not be correct.

5. Provide at least one example of an OB theory and identify what type/level it is and how it is used in the workplace You can provide more than one example to help fortify your paragraph, but lack of at least one correct example will render your paragraph incomplete.