The Lottery (Shirley Jackson) Short story

by | Mar 30, 2021 | Analysis, College (3-4), English

Example of outline:

Intro and thesis. Feel free to add some general comments, quote, a line or two about author and when the story was written. Be colorful.

The town, major characters, history, something about the ritual of the lottery.

What does this all mean? Lottery in June, Corn be heavy soon. Myth is very powerful and puts people in “sacred time.” It’s hard to escape the grip of tradition and ritual and myth. Perhaps it’s good to compare this to stuff in real life, whether now or in the past. What is the larger meaning?

Conclusion. Tie it all up, end on a high note. Keep the reader enticed…

Again be sure to add one or two short quotes from the story/stories. Be sure to have far more analysis than retelling. Be sure to have a solid interesting thesis that explains the dilemma or question with some indication of where it’s going. Use some of the terms of literary study, such as plot, characters, theme, symbol, imagery, dialogue, etc.

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