The Messenger: Empire of Faith

The Messenger: Empire of Faith

Islam is a universal and monotheistic religion that holds that Muhammad is the anointed messenger of God. Through its teachings and beliefs, Islam has become the second-largest religion globally. Various religious scholars continue to devise theories and narratives to explain the growth and spread of Islam. In the documentary Islam: Empire of Faith, detailed information is provided on the history of Islam. The first part of the documentary – The Messenger – teaches about the prophet Muhammad and the growth of the religion.

Muhammad is painted as an anointed man and special messenger during the onset of Islam. The position of Muhammad in Islam came after several predicaments and challenges in life. The first episode of the documentary provides life in the desert and losing parents as some of the challenges that defined the life of Muhammad. He developed trust and belief in one God; in the process, he gained followers that also believed in one God. As a result of the growing influence, Muhammad gained enemies that led to the abolishment of his messages by the tribal leaders.

Islam as a religion was founded by Prophet Muhammad based on his belief in one God. The journey through the desert and the battles Muhammad fought made him resilient in his duty. Muhammad embraced his enemies and united everyone under Islam after winning the battles. With the rise of religion, Quran was the only representation of God. Prophet Muhammad discouraged Muslims from worshiping idols or anything. As the anointed prophet of God at the time, Muhammad spread the belief that God is divine. Therefore, Muslims should not have pictures or sculptures of God. 


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